Building the Remote First Companies of Tomorrow

About Us

High Output Ventures is a seed stage fund and startup studio investing in exceptional domains experts who are building the remote first companies of tomorrow.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where a vast majority of individuals go home every day fulfilled by their work, feeling that they have contributed to something larger than themselves.

Our business is set up to look out for a particular type of person. Someone who has taken that first courageous step of converting their hobby or interest into something more. Some of them have started a blog, written a book or started a business. They have taken the initiative and gone further than the vast majority of people who only talk without taking action.

Our goal is to work together with these exceptional individuals to accelerate their growth. We do this by providing capital to convert their concepts into reality. More than just money we use our 15 years of product development experience to bring their visions to life.

Our Vision

The Glue That Keeps Us Together

Our values are the building blocks of how we lead our lives. Each one outlined below explains why we do the things we do. We firmly believe that value alignment is critical in working well together.

  • We are infinitely curious of the world around us.
  • Constantly challenging ourselves to acquire new knowledge and test our comfort zones.
  • Happiness is finally figuring out how something works.

We Work With Great People.

We back and build businesses with exceptional domain experts. We provide them access to capital (up to $250k) as well as product development support. We use our networks to offer them a massive boost in getting their business to viability. Join us to launch the next big thing!

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