Building the Remote First Companies of Tomorrow

Building the Remote First Companies of Tomorrow

We back and build businesses with exceptional domain experts

What Does Being a Remote First Company Mean?

A remote first company is one where working remotely is the default. All communication happens through video conferencing and chat. There is no special treatment given to anyone based on their location.

Remote first companies are challenging the way we work. They unlock an enormous global talent pool. Utilizing the latest collaboration tools, they move faster and more efficiently than the competition. High Output Ventures is itself a remote first company.

We have seen the advantages of running a business with this model. Our goal is now to help several other companies flourish using a similar playbook.

What Does Being a Remote First Company Mean

Why Domain Experts?

"What do you know that nobody else knows?"

In a world full of generalists, the domain expert stands out. He/she is a person with specialist knowledge or skills in a particular area. They have spent years honing their craft. Through this experience, they have discovered things that most have overlooked. Most importantly, they have developed a deep passion for the domain.

Our collaborations result in getting products to market faster. They resonate with customers with a much higher probability.

Why Domain Experts

What does High Output Ventures Provide?

As a studio, we have built and scaled products for some of the largest companies in the world. Our focus is on becoming enablers of domain experts, helping them to turn ideas into companies.

We act as an incubator that provides domain experts the ability to launch high-quality products. Additionally, our fund provides our companies with capital to scale their businesses. We offer them our playbook on how to launch and scale a remote first company.

Why Domain Experts

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